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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Spiritual Legacy of 9/11???

In a recent update, George Barna, head of a polling group that focuses on spiritual issues, had this to say about 9/11's spiritual impact just a short 5 years ago. Read the article


What a sad statement, though not surprising. God has been put back up on the shelf after a momentary "need" or "crisis".

A similar equivalent from the life of the early church would be if 5 years after 70 AD and the destruction of the Jewish Temple, the Jewish people all went back to their lives as normal and never questioned their relationship with God at all.

Or 5 years after the deportation of the Exiles, life just continued on unaffected. If the latter was the case (the exiles), we wouldn't be talking about a Jewish people today, they would have assimilated into Babylon and we wouldn't know much of their existence.

But God didn't let this happen in them. There was a spiritual renewal that He desired to accomplish--an act of discipline that demanded an assessment of relationship. Despite the horrors of 9/11--God can accomplish good things from it, even on a national level.

What worries me is that if a nation, if a people do not allow something like 9/11 to affect their relationship with God, what will it take? Such calamaties are often used of God to remind us of our need of Him, but apparently, America is turning a deaf ear to His efforts.

My question is this... Has 9/11 in any way affected the way you live, or your spiritual life?

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