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Friday, September 29, 2006

God's Work vs. Man's Work

I saw these pictures released today and thought they were great.

In case you can't figure out what those little dots are, here's a closer view.

None other than the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station as they move across the sun.

It is astounding to me the magnitude of God's creation! I praise Him that in all this expansive universe, He, for some reason, shows an interest in you and me, even our mundane, everyday lives. Even the hairs on my head (may they grow no fewer) He is aware of.

Here again is an example that some of our most advanced creations pale in light of God's universe. Yet even as far back as the Tower of Babel, we had the arrogance to think that we could ever rival what He has done. Our accomplishments, while astounding, especially the advances of the last 100 years, will never rival what He has made in this universe.

Late some night, when the sky is clear, go outside and marvel at His universe, then marvel again that He is there, in His love, marveling over you.

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Andrew Romig said...

Humorously and significantly enough, upon first seeing it, I believed they were specks of dirt on my monitor and I tried wiping them off.