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Thursday, August 31, 2006

A New Student Minister & Thanks

Just recently, University Baptist Church called a great young minister, Patrick Bailey, to be our new Minister to Students. He has the daunting task of leading a ministry targeting Jr. & Sr. High Schools and Collegiates. Either one would be daunting on their own. Combined, I’m questioning his sanity, at least in the long term!

I would ask that you pray for Patrick and his family. They arrived in Macomb on Thursday night and a good number of our members arrived to help them unpack their truck (thanks everybody). Friday morning changed the good arrival. Patrick’s wife, who was 7 months along in a pregnancy, began spotting and bleeding. At the doctor’s office they were unable to find a heartbeat. To make a long story short, the baby did not survive. They are on the other side of a very unexpected funeral for their son, Colin.

Please lift the Bailey family up in prayer and ask that the God of all Comfort would wrap His arms around them and give them peace. Thank you Patrick and Angie for having the courage to follow God and bring your family all the way up to IL; and to stay despite such a rough start. It shows the confidence you have in God’s call, and the strength of conviction to stay with it. I know that is the kind of faith God desires to grow in each of us.

Let me also take this opportunity to thank and commend the members of University Baptist Church who went out of their way to support and encourage Patrick & Angie. The love and open arms you poured out this weekend was astounding and brought great comfort to them. But not just them, but to me as well. I wish I could say I had a part in it, but it is clearly the work of God in your hearts. All of this also lets me know that I am truly a part of a loving fellowship, and that if anything in the future happens to me or my family, I know that we will be ministered to by you. Thank you again for touching this young family with the heart of God.

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Anonymous said...

I can only dimly imagine the swirl of emotions they are dealing with. Grief, faith that he is now being snuggled and loved in heaven, hope, really the sure knowledge, that one day they will meet him again, ...

and I feel so helpless, unsure what to do or say when there really is nothing that can be done and as Christians nothing that needs to be said ...

I care, I hurt, I long for a world in which God wipes away all our tears, where tears are no longer needed...It's coming!