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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Bunker Church

If we just come to church
To be seen by our friends
And don’t put our hearts
In our prayers and amens

If we belt out the songs
Just to hear ourselves sing
We’re worshipping Church
Instead of our King.
(author unknown to me at least)

It is easy to make any church into a Bunker Church--one that sees the evil descending around them and so they build a bunker to ensure their survival. However, any church that does this will only choke the life out of it and minimize it's impact on the surrounding culture.

Sadly, God may have to drop a Bunker Buster Bomb on some churches in order to get them to open up to their call to proclaim His Kingdom. We've discussed on Sunday nights lately that if we as the church want to truly advance the good news, it will sometimes put us in uncomfortable positions because we'll be around people who don't necessarily share our beliefs and values. I pray we allow ourselves to become more uncomfortable, but more faithful to our task as salt and light.

Any suggestions to how we can avoid the Bunker Church?

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Kevin Bussey said...

Prayer 1st

2nd I think we have to remain relevant!