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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Unoriginal Lesson from Nature--Pt. 4

I found this interesting quote from Erwin McManus that was in line with the recent lessons in nature theme. Interesting Lesson and Application.


"One difference between lions and tigers I’m told is that lions are more easily domesticated than tigers. The reason is that lions hunt only for the purpose of eating. Hunting for them is motivated by hunger. Tigers are different. Tigers hunt for the sheer thrill of the chase. When your pleasure is the hunting and not just the eating, it is much more difficult to be domesticated. All you have to do is keep a lion fed and you will most likely be safe. A tiger is always ready to involve you in a game of tag. You’re it.
At the most primal level, this is supposed to be the difference between Christianity and all other world religions. Other religions hunt for the purpose of survival. They are desperately trying to appease God. All their efforts and energy are motivated by fear, guilt and the unsatisfied hunger of their soul. Genuine followers of Jesus Christ are more like tigers. The thrill is in the hunt. We have met God. We have tasted deeply of Him. We are not trapped in an endless effort to earn God’s love and secure our place in the afterlife. We have found freedom in Jesus Christ and in Him we are fully alive. Our faith is not motivated by a desperate effort to satisfy God, but the unspeakable pleasure of knowing Him. You can train a tiger, but you can’t tame him. God never intended to tame us, but to unleash an untamed faith."

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