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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Power & Promise--Lessons In Nature--Pt. 3

This is a beautiful display that occured down in AR. The Power of God is sometimes forgotten in the display of His Promise. We sometimes forget that He is still the awesome, Creator of the Universe (the power He still commands, and the title He still holds) because of the love that He has for us. His Grace draws us near, invites us into His presence, and holds us close. And yet He is still the Almighty--"the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom"-- Fear of His power and rightful judgment should leave us shaking in our boots, and drive us to seek His mercy. Yet even when living in His promise, we should maintain a healthy fear--awe and respect--for who He is, and just how far we have been brought by the blood of Christ. We have been brought from death to life, we have been brought from darkness to light, not because of the good we have done, not because we deserve it, not because we are perfect, but through the Love on display in Jesus, in the Cross and in the Resurrection.

The Power and Promise of God was on display in Christ. The Incarnation, the judgement of sin, while at the same time, the fulfilment of His promise to deliver us and provide the Lamb for us. There's a lot more I could say on Living in Light of His Power and Promise but I think I'll stop there.

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