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Monday, July 31, 2006

God's Signature on Creation?

Can you see His signature? It's not as flashy as a John Hancock, but interesting none the less. So many complain that if only God would sign His name across the heavens then they would believe. I wonder. What about you, do you think even such blatant evidences would really increase faith?

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uwem said...

You know, I found (listened to) an interesting passage in the Revelation. It was just before Armaggedon. Basically, people go from looking to idols and other mystical means to explain everything is happening to outright purposeful cursing of the God in heaven who is responsible for these things.

Maybe more blatant evidence will increase the number of faithful (but then again would that be faith?) but it will also give some an object for a faith akin to that of demons.

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Kelly Reed said...

I've come to agree with an assessment found in Philip Yancey's, "Disappointment With God", that God has already tried the "writing His name in the sky" routine and it failed miserably to produce a mature and sustaining faith.

The experience was the deliverance from Egypt and the wilderness wanderings. They had the plagues, the cloud by day, the pillar by night, the manna every morning, and yet the people would complain, whine, and "return" in their hearts to Egypt at the drop of a hat.

So any faith created would be one that exists only so long as God continues to do it every day. The morning we wake up and the message isn't there, or the minute He didn't do what we think He should and we're gone.

Not to mention, some would find a way to deny any such miracle.

Your thoughts about the "evidence" becoming a new form of Idolatry is right on the mark. We would do so in a heartbeat, especially in the end times stage of the game. Can you hear the words--"Here He is, this was His rock He used to write His name in the sky. Pray to the rock and be sure and leave a $200 donation."