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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A New Law-- on Kiki Cherry's Blog

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon a song and video addressing the Christian walk and how we keep enchaining ourselves in the guise of new religion. I couldn't figure out how to post it, nor who the artist was, but my friend Kiki did. Just click on the picture of the blindfolded girl and it should start playing.

A New Law--here

This came in the midst of a discussion with another believer about how so many of us in church are not emotionally engaged with God. We sit in church services, hear great (hopefully) intellectually engaging, doctrinally sound messages but are never moved to respond, never moved by the Spirit to repent, to fall upon our knees, to cry out to Him, to then leave changed and moved emotionally. In other words, we are too Vulcan in the way we hear from God. Some sing "We Shall Not Be Moved" in terms of social justice, others in terms of Doctrine or Issues and Morality, but in actuality, the way we live in the Church today is more along the lines that we will not allow the Spirit of God to truly move us, move our hearts, move our spirits, move our emotions.

I realize that not all of us are moved the same way by the same things. I realize that I cannot schedule or program your heart being moved, after all, on the days I'm the most frustrated or the days I think I'm not engaging are the days I hear the most positive comments. Is that because they are really engaged or because this was the day they were able to have the fewest toes stepped on? I can't always tell.

Our hearts are hearts of stone until the Spirit softens them, some days we don't let Him--we pay more attention to the missed notes, the off-key singing or the irritating mannerisms of the person in pew 3. Most days, the Spirit doesn't or is not allowed to move everyone but He does some. As a minister, my role is to be faithful to present not only the "Truth" but also the "Way and the Life". How people are moved or respond is not my job (though I am a facilitator--God using me in the role He has called me to) but is the job of the Spirit--we don't tell Him how to do it or when.

Anyway, may we truly be passionate about our relationship with God and not just comfortable and content. I pray we allow the Spirit of God to truly move us to response and greater lives of faith.

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lindz said...

hey it's lindsay. i made a blog site! just thought i'd say hey!

Heath Powers said...

My connection was too slow to hear the song, but I related to much of what you shared. I remind myself constantly that without a move of the Spirit even the best crafted message is soon forgotten. The danger of seminary is that one may leave actually believing they know what they are doing. I find I am most effective in preaching when I am crying out to God totally uncomfortable with my ability to do the subject any justice at all. I have learned that not only are we saved by grace through faith, we are also to live by grace through faith. I thank God for his Spirit. Without him I am nothing.
Heath Powers