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Friday, May 19, 2006

Awesom Reminders

These pictures help remind me of my small place in God's Universe. While that is true, the amazing thing is that at the same time, I am priviledged with a very large place in His heart and mind. He knows all there is to know about me, and I will never know all there is to know about Him this side of eternity--and even then, I don't know how it would be possible.

I was reminded earlier today of a practice of mine that my wife, Vicky, finds annoying at times. When we're driving in the car, listening to music, if we get to the destination many times I will sit and wait until the song or verse we're listening to is over. I NEED the resolution of the thought, of the music. I NEED to hear those final chords for it to be resolved in my mind and heart.

This need for resolution sometimes affects my relationship with God for there are times when I need Him to resolve--to make sense to my mind. In circumstances, in prayer, in hardships, I want to know the end, the result, the purpose. My mind and heart craves for God to "wrap it up". But that's not the kind of God I live for--He is under no obligation to resolve things for me. He only calls me to trust Him--trust His character, trust His holiness, trust His love for me. I admit this is often difficult--our world doesn't always make sense, nor my circumstance in it. I cannot fully get my mind around our Creator who holds the stars in their place.

Thank you Lord, for your reminders of Your Greatness. I await Your Resolution.

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Tony Duytschaever said...

I completely understand what you mean by wanting God to "wrap things up", to show the resolution to you. I have similar troubles because I like to have everything mapped, calculated, and resolved--everything figured out. If can't have everything figured out, it wears on me and I become frustrated and anxious. Of course, this directly relates to faith and trusting God, because like you said Kelly, God doesn't have to answer to us, he is not accountable to us, so he works in his mysterious ways unknown to us. This is hard to accept and grasp since it means we will not necessarily know the resolution, but we have to have faith, and I think that is what God desires most right now--faith more than proven, standard, static knowledge. This is one reason I think people, including me, find faith challenging because we cannot possibly know everything about God and his works, so it takes patience, trust, and faith that God will see us through until the end. This is why I believe faith is action, because it challenges us, it involves dealing with doubt and defeat, it disciplines us. But in the end, these trials build us up, they make our faith stronger and deeper. For me, faith is hard and constant. But it is also rewarding, incredibly rewarding even though I don't always know it. God Bless.