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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Attempting to make Fishers of Men

We had a good day of fishing for Crappie and a few Bluegill. Even these little life experiences can later be used for the Kingdom of God. If only we would live as if we believe the task that Jesus gave us was as much fun!

The Fishing Principles are the same. In the church we have an attitude of "If we build it, they will come". That would be like going to the lake with the attitude "If we float it, they'll jump on in". I don't see that happening very often, do you?

On this day of fishing, we had the right equipment, we threw a lure out into the water to draw attention, then when they grabbed it, we were able to reel them in. At this stage, Gabriel wasn't able to handle a full sized pole (the children's pole didn't work) so I cast it out and whenever a fish took hold, I allowed him to reel it in.

We mature believers are to help teach the younger how to fish by doing it first ourselves and allowing them to participate in the process. In that way, we improve our own fishing, and make better fishers for the future.

Now the question becomes, what do we do when the fish aren't biting? What would we do out on the water? What should we do in our lives? Suggestions...

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