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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Modern Parables

Last week a co-worker explained to me the reason for his distance from God. It was a sad account of marital infidelity. But it made me think of a parable that I will be giving to him soon for his consideration. It may need a little refining so if you think of something, please let me know.

Here it is.

Just before movie night started over at his house, Jason found his friends, Michelle and Steve kissing on the couch. The problem was, Michelle was Kevin’s girlfriend—and he would be there any minute. When Jason came back into the room carrying the popcorn, he asked them to stop fooling around because Kevin would soon be there with the drinks.

“Mind your own business!” they told Jason. Disgusted, Jason left the room to get the rest of the snacks. Just then, Kevin came in the door and saw Michelle and Steve on the couch. In his anger and sense of betrayal, Kevin broke up with Michelle and was about to fight with Steve.

Jason rushed back in and stopped Kevin and Steve from fighting—but the movie night was already ruined. “I’m not speaking to them again. And Jason, I’m not speaking to you either, ever again. You should have stopped it.”

“I tried,” pleaded Jason. “They wouldn’t listen to me.”

“This happened at your house. At your party, she betrayed me. Don’t expect to see me around here again.”

With that, Kevin walked out. Jason was sad and hoped that his relationship with Kevin could be restored.

How reasonable is it that Kevin blamed Jason for what happened? How long should Kevin be angry and not speak to Jason? What should Jason do?

In the same way, people get angry at God and stop talking to Him when His people do things they aren’t supposed to do.

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