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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Quote-- "Eternal Impact"

Back in June, I picked up a book by Ken Hemphill called Eternal Impact. My intention was that I would lead the study in the fall. Well, obviously, things haven’t worked out that way.

I picked it up the other day and began reading for my own benefit and for future ministry. I found a telling quote early on in the Preface.

“Many churches are more concerned with placating the saved than with rescuing the lost. Our budgets don’t reflect that we are concerned with allowing God to add to our number daily those who are being saved. Our small group structure is often allowed to stagnate as we hold our ‘holy huddles’ while people in our neighborhoods search for authentic community. The kingdom-centered church acknowledges that the plight of the lost outweighs the comfort of the saved.”

Do you agree with this quote?

Does this attitude exist in your church?

Why does the church exist?

1 comment:

Shirley said...

I think that, unfortunately, this attitude prevails in most mainline churches. I know it does in ours. Love, Mom