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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Jesus' Tomb--Striking Similarities...

Recent headlines in the news have spoken of the tomb or burial box of Jesus being found. James Cameron, the director of “Titanic” among others, has put together a documentary about the discovery and its significance.

You can read several samples of various articles, here, here, and here.

What’s interesting about this tale is that it closely mirrors a book back in 1994 called, “A Skeleton In God’s Closet” by Paul L. Meier in which the body of Jesus is reportedly found and all the evidence suggesting it’s validity.

It’s a good “who done it?” that breaks down many of the archaeological tests such a discovery goes through. It’s a little dated, and you have to put up with a cheesy romance, but it does a good job.

What was really effective in the book is the discussion such a discovery would have on the world, from the religious, to the skeptics, to even the political and economic.

Here is a link to Paul Meier’s, “A Skeleton In God’s Closet” on Amazon. I would suggest picking it up and comparing it to current events.

First, what would such a “discovery” really do to the heart of Christianity? How important is the resurrection?

What kind of reactions do you think the world will have? Who wants it to be true and why? Who wants it to be false and why?

What would the consequences be if such a “discovery” if “proven” true, given that western civilization is built on Christianity?

Lastly, do you believe this is true? Why or Why Not?

Do you not believe this is true? Why or Why Not?

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Anonymous said...

Maier's book was pure fiction. The Jesus Family Tomb is non-fiction. For a fiction thriller based on the same factual archeological find, read "The Bone Box" published in 2006.

Kelly Reed said...

You're right it is fiction, I forgot to call it a novel. That doesn't negate the similarities, however. And that is what is interesting to me.

Do you have any responses to the questions I submitted?