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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Free Grace & Free Access

I just came across a friend's blog talking about the Grace of God, how it is undeserved and cannot be earned. You can read the entry here.

One of the responders is a Mormon arguing the Mormon belief that there are 3 tiers of heaven. The following I was moved to write and thought I would post it on my own blog. Here you go.


I am so glad I don't have to work to earn God's love or His favor. I know I'm too lazy and incompetent for that.

I'm also glad He does not determine access to Him based on "performance". As a child of the King of Kings--I have the great pleasure of approaching the Throne of Grace with CONFIDENCE--His Presence is Heaven. He has invited me into His presence, not based on what I've done or earned but upon what Christ has done on my behalf--Jesus has entered and passed through the Holy of Holies--torn down any veil of separation--any tier of access (3 heavens and special members only access!!???) because of His atoning sacrifice. See Hebrews.

It's not what I bring to the table--it is solely what He brings to the table.

We may be rewarded for faithfulness and works once we get there, but access to the Father is not included in that.

I am adopted fully and completely as an heir and there is no future expectation that will make me more of an heir than my initial adoption.

Imagine if our adoption policies in the US followed the Mormon tiers of heaven.

Tier 1--Your adopted into the family, but until you do certain things, then you get to live in the doghouse and we'll give you the scraps off the table. Hey, at least you've got a roof and some food which is better than nothing.

Tier 2--You've done some good things now as a "member" of our family--(maybe you take out the garbage, or you made the lawn look real nice since you were out there all the time anyway)--now we'll let you come into the house and you have the permission to speak with our real children but you're still not allowed to eat at the table, nor do you get your own bedroom, nor are you allowed to have access to "Mom & Dad"

Tier 3--you're now a "contributing member of the family"--you've given enough money to cover room/board and adoption costs, maybe even let "Dad" retire early. Now we'll give you you're own bedroom, you can sit at the table, "Mom & Dad" will actually talk with you, and you are given the same status as one of their natural children.

To treat the adopted child differently than the natural child is illegal in most, presumably all states. What real parent could do that? What kind of loving God would do that?

Thank you God for fully adopting me and granting me access to You, to be able to call you Daddy and even climb into your lap. I know I don't deserve it--but you grant it anyway.

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Kevin Bussey said...


Good stuff. I appreciate your insight and Vicky's. She is welcome anytime! :)