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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A New Definition of Blessing

On Sunday nights, we've been going through a study using Empowering Kingdom Growth--The Heartbeat of God by Ken Hemphill. It's a good study, the larger book is better, of course. Here is a small excerpt that talks about the Sermon on the Mount and the redifinition of blessing. Please comment and get the book for more.

A New Definition of Blessing

The beatitudes—Matthew 5:3-12 are the most recognized part of the Sermon on the Mount, serving as a powerful and engaging introduction. They redefine “blessing” to mean “those who have God as their king.” This radically alters the view many of us have embraced or been taught. We have often though of blessing in terms of material things, physical healing, or a parking place near the door. All of these things may be fine, but they live under the umbrella of the only blessing we really need: relationship with the King. Everything else is nice, but nonessential."

How do you understand blessing?

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