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Friday, November 01, 2013

Good & Just Laws Increase Freedom

So many in our culture, even most of us while we were younger, might rail against the rules and question why you should be required to follow them.  We see laws, curfews, bed times as unreasonable restrictions on our freedom, but there are areas in life where we accept them without question.  Here is one.

Imagine that tomorrow, our government, coupled with the school’s driver’s training program decided that all of the traffic laws were too restrictive, or archaic, and besides the kids are going to break those laws anyway—laws like speeding or the driving on the wrong side of the road, or running a red light or stop sign.

So based on that conclusion, now youth will be taught simple things like just how to start the car, the basics of how to drive, how to navigate the roads without the old rules, how they can best avoid accidents (though none of their techniques are foolproof) and then how to make sure insurance pays for everything so you can buy new cars whenever you need to. 

The hope is that eventually the rules of the road will disappear and everyone will be free to drive however they want.

So imagine driving in a city where everyone ignored the lines on the road, no one stopped at stop signs or Red lights, where people drive on whichever side of the road they want to, turn left when they want to, where there is nothing to regulate or direct traffic. 

Are you more or less free?  Are you more or less afraid?  You’re less free—huge risk every time you drive—more fearful and less likely to drive at all.

Is that the kind of place you would want to drive in?  Just trying to drive in a world with no rules seems like suicide doesn’t it?

Can you imagine a government or a school system promoting this?  Would this be a better driving situation?  Would society be safer, would commerce and business work better?  Would you be more free?

All of the rules of the road actually make driving safer, more productive, less expensive, and ultimately more enjoyable.  You are MORE FREE because of the rules. 
Do you agree? 

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