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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How Well do you know the First Christmas

Not meaning to skip past Thanksgiving but since I'll be starting with Christmas stuff this Sunday, I thought I would get this discussion started.

Starting this weekend, The Pursuit College class at Westside Baptist Church will be taking a closer look at the story of Jesus' birth.

Here's a few questions to think about. Send some answers back here if you know or come on Sunday prepared to talk about it--9:30 AM.

Be ready to explain the traditional Christmas story—

stories found in Matthew 1&2 & Luke 1&2

1. Why did Mary and Joseph even need to go to Bethlehem?

2. What time of year was it?

3. Were Joseph and Mary alone traveling to Bethlehem?

4. How long of a trip was it from Nazareth to Bethlehem?

5. Did Mary give birth to Jesus the night they arrived?

6. Did Mary & Joseph know anyone in Bethlehem?

7. Which Inn had No Vacancy? Ramada Inn or Red Roof Inn?

8. What verse mentions the “inn”? Could it be anything other than a motel type business?

9. Was it a good or bad thing that Mary and Joseph went to the stables with the animals? How?

10. Why did the angel go to shepherds and not people more important?

11. Why were the shepherds afraid of the angel?

12. How do you think Joseph reacted when strange men showed up at the door in the middle of the night?

13. When did the Wise Men notice the star: before Jesus was born, the night Jesus was born, after Jesus was born?

14. Why would the Magi first go to the King’s palace?

15. When did they arrive in Bethlehem? The night Jesus was born or after? If after, by how much?

16. How long did Mary & Joseph stay in Bethlehem after Jesus was born?

17. Why would the king want to kill all the boys in Bethlehem?

Before the Journey & Other Questions

1. How big of an issue was it for Mary to be pregnant before getting married?

2. How do you think Joseph felt about the situation? What was he doing to do when he found out? (see Matthew’s gospel)

3. How do you think Mary & Joseph were treated during her pregnancy?

4. Why did Mary rush off to her cousin’s house? How long was she there?

5. Why is the concept of the Virgin birth/conception so important?

6. Did other people have questions about Jesus’ “questionable” birth situation? See John 8, particularly 8:19

7. Are there any passages from the Old Testament that speak about Jesus’ birth?

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