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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Who do we Talk to?

Listening to a sermon this past Sunday reminded me of something.

John chapters 3 & 4 records two conversations that Jesus engages in. One between a well to do, religious leader and the other between a poorer, morally corrupted woman from another racial background. He was even willing to risk offending her.

It is amazing to see how Jesus handled each person in such different ways. He addressed each one according to their place and situation. He didn't use an outlined Gospel presentation.

One thing I was convicted on was the fact that if I were confronted with these two, I would be most comfortable talking with Nicodemus. I would be more tempted to avoid the conversation with the woman at the well in the same way that the rest of the disciples did.

What I find interesting is that it seems to have taken longer for the "learned" man to respond to Jesus in faith, while Jesus continued talking with the woman until a "decision" was made on her part.

Also, there's no record that Nicodemus went back to his colleagues and immediately began telling them about how great Jesus was, but the woman, the outcast, went and did just that with those who had outcast her.

So why do you think that is?

Who would you be most comfortable talking to? Are you willing to go beyond comfort to share the greatest truths?

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