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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Unexpected Blessing

Meeting former students

Sometimes you wonder if you’re having any impact on the people you come in contact with. This Wednesday, I was blessed by the unexpected: two students from my first semester teaching Introduction to World Religions at Spoon River College.

The first I ran into briefly on Monday—5 weeks ago she had her first baby and I asked how she was doing. Not thinking much else, I went to class on Wednesday. Just as class was beginning, this student came in holding her baby. I had the privilege to hold this small child and look into her eyes. It made me think of when my own kids were that small. God used that little moment to be a blessing to me in the midst of what has been a rough last few of weeks.

Then if that wasn’t enough, I was taking a movie back after church on Wednesday. My plan was just to pull up, hop out drop off and peel out! But as I was approaching, I saw the checkout counter and recognized the face of another first semester student—the only student in 2 semesters to have the daring to visit my church to fulfill one of his assignments! I moved a little slower to see if he would come out on his own. When he didn’t, I stuck my head around the blinds and made eye contact. He waved and seemed enthused. I waited. He came out and I extended a hand. He took it, went beyond that and embraced me in friendship. Another unexpected blessing.

Be praying for him. When we had a lot of rain a few weeks ago, his basement apartment flooded. While riding that out in a motel, then new apartment, his girlfriend went into early labor and is in the hospital in Peoria. She’s OK and they were able to delay the delivery. They’re having a boy. They will be moving to Peoria soon where he hopes to begin training to be a firefighter. He’s also hoping to re-connect with church. I was able to offer assistance to packing and any move he has.

Before we parted, there was another embrace of friendship. I was again blessed.

Sometimes you wonder if you’re having any affect.

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