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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Did you Know...Smurfs are Communists

I know I'm not the only one who thinks this , but my friends and I thought it through when we were in Jr. High and these are the reasons why we thought so.

The Smurfs represent a utopian communist society

1. They own no property—they all have the same homes, communal farming

2. They use no money—not even a bartering system, all things are distributed equally, possessions are largely meaningless and coveting of others stuff is non-existent

3. Everyone works for the benefit of the community and not for their own profit or advancement

4. Everyone is known by their trade/function within the community

5. Everyone is a Smurf—used much like Comrade6. Papa Smurf’s favorite color is Red

7. Put a picture of Papa Smurf up next to the famous picture of Karl Marx—coincidence???

8. The Evil Gargamel originally wanted to turn the smurfs into gold—he represents the evil capitalist, exploiter who wants to destroy the hard working smurf (comrade) for his own personal wealth and greed

9. I don’t remember any type of faith other than the community, there wasn’t even a Father Smurf or Pastor Smurf—I guess we don’t contribute anything meaningful to the community!

10. I wasn’t old enough to remember, understand or notice at the time but were there any anti-semitic insinuations in the actions or depictions of Gargamel? Thinking back, there might be.

So basically, the Smurfs were a subversive tool to soften the hearts and minds of our children to the ideals of a communists utopia. I’m of the mind that fallen human nature will never allow such a system to exist (which is also why I tend to scoff at Star Trek’s depiction of the future of the planet—no money, no greed, total equality and harmony). So, as one of those children during that time, thanks to the fact that I mercilessly made fun of the Smurfs and other cartoons (especially the ones that didn’t obliterate and destroy some object during the show—but those too)—it didn’t work! My friends and I caught on to this little scheme—your attempts at brainwashing were foiled in spite of all that cute, blue innocence! Nice try—No Soup for You!

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