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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Common Excuses for NOT Going to Church?

I need your experience and creativity here.

What are the reasons you know or have heard for people not attending church?

There are many reasons why people may not be joining us to worship on Sunday mornings--what are some possibilities?

What is your reason?

Common Excuses appeared in this sermon.

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1 comment:

ExcuseGal said...

I have plenty of excuses for not going to church... and here they are!

"I stayed up wayyyy too last night studying for my test on Monday. I think if I went to church, I might end up snoring in the pew. "

"I was thinking about converting religions and I don’t want to go to church today because I’ll just be making my new God angrier."

"Something I ate for breakfast must have been expired because my stomach feels awful. I don’t think I should go to church because I might throw up in front of everybody."

"Since God is omnipresent, I’m going to spend 90 minutes worshiping him from home instead of going to church this morning."

I have an Excuse Blog that I keep for just such an occasion. Here's the original post and video that I took these excuses from: http://www.agoodexcuse.org/sundays-are-fun-days/