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Friday, March 23, 2007

Time Share Tomb

Time Share Tomb

Do you know how a time-share vacation home works? Several people, maybe up to 5, I don't really know, buy a property or vacation house and pay for the right to stay there at various times of the year, maybe 2 weeks.

In the Bible, 3 people bought a timeshare together and signed the contract. The vacation spot was the Tomb on the beaches of Death. Sounds like a popular spot doesn't it?

Ø Satan was the first signee—he gave the least to the project—He gave lies and deception. He is allowed to live in the tomb most of all because he is the one who “holds the power of death”—Hebrews 2:14

Ø Sin promised the most but delivered very little—he earns time on the beach and could stay as much as he wants for those are his wages. But instead, he leads people to the Tomb on even more promises (the wages of sin is death—Rom. 6:23, James 1: 14-15). Sin immediately leaves his “guests” at the Tomb in order to bring more guests to the “party”. Lots of people get in on the vacation spot this way.

Ø Jesus—wanted this time-share the least, but He gave the most for it and agreed to the shortest stay—3 Days. Of course, after His stay, He gained sole possession of the property, quickly condemned it and put up warning signs that the property would be closed and demolished as soon as the proper permission was granted by the governing Authority

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