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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Initial Post

Well, I'm finally entering into the blogging world. Don't expect anything groundbreaking or original... I certainly don't! I certainly won't deserve any credit IF there are any extraordinary moments of clarity or insight. I hope and pray God can use this forum to bless you and strengthen me in the process. So to start off, let me talk about prayer.

Most of the time I tend to think of prayer as those moments when I stop, close my eyes, fold my hands, sit or kneel and talk to God (more than with God). More and more I'm realizing my prayer life must be much bigger than this (if only it were). I'm thinking of it in terms of "waking and walking" prayer--all those times when my eyes are open and my feet are moving. Prayer doesn't need to be only in those moments of retreat, as important as they are, rather a conversation like when your friend is walking along side you down the street. I certainly don't stop walking in order to say anything to them--they don't force me to sit down in order for me to hear them.

Moments of prayer and listening come to heart and mind for me during moments of living. The Great Commission commands us that as we go, we are to be making disciples. As we go, we should be praying and praying for the opportunity to fulfill that Commission. Praying when my eyes are open, praying when my feet are moving--waking and walking prayer.

Pursuing Answers to Questions of Faith & Life
1 Peter 3:15

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Kiki Cherry said...


Welcome to the blogging world! Great first post.

I actually heard about that church in Washington on the radio. Thought that was a pretty creative idea. : )